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welcome to the Transcriptions of a 1841 Farmers almanac.


This Almanac originates from the area surrounding Penrith in Cumberland (UK) and consists of a number of printed pages giving an interesting insight into the life and times of the 1840’s. More importantly, it also contains lots of handwritten pages which reflect the works and thoughts of a as yet unknown author.

The handwritten section mentions places such as Blencow, Newton and Greystoke, along with numerous names of people who the author has worked with / for.

If, whilst your browsing these pages, you happen to come across any errors or omissions that you feel you can help us with then please contact us via the feedback link noting the reference number located in the bottom left of the transcriptions.

Note: Due to the handwriting we have been unable to decipher some words these areas are shown as red question marks. Please feel free to help fill in the missing sections.
Please also note that the spellings in the transcriptions have been copied as originally written.


If your interested in buying the original Almanac book from which this site is based, then please contact Sarah @ sreveley@satx.rr.com for details.